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AVISIAN Publishing produces the industry’s leading suite of identification technology publications. The series of eight online titles and the accompanying eDigests (email newsletters) cover the major ID technology vertical markets. These online publications serve a worldwide audience of more than 30,000 opt-in subscribers. In print, AVISIAN offers Re:ID Magazine (Regarding ID) and CR80News Magazine.

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Re:ID Magazine (Regarding ID) is a 68-page, full-color magazine covering the global utilization of identity, security and credentialing technology. More than 12,000 subscribers around the world receive each quarterly issue (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

CR80News Print Edition is a 32-page full-color magazine that explores the use of card and identity technology on education and corporate campuses. This magazine is produced twice per year (Spring and Fall) and is read by 5,000 subscribers.

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