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CBORD unveils GET update

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The CBORD Group announced that the GET platform, used at colleges across the country, is available as a native smart phone app putting student services at their fingertips 24/7. The platform also supports MICROS order integration enabling online and mobile orders on campus or off.

Available as an app or mobile-optimized Web site, GET is a centralized, cloud-based commerce platform that enables universities and their patrons to do more with their mobile.

Students can manage their campus card accounts, upload ID card photos, find locations accepting the card, learn about special offers, place food orders and more through a single mobile experience.

The MICROS order integration also aims to make it easier to track and process online and mobile orders. GET orders are processed in the same way dining administrators track all other MICROS purchases, and they can easily drill down to GET orders for reporting purposes. [end] 

A new CBORD solution being installed at Northeastern University in Boston promises to improve student safety by leveraging online door access control.

The new security system will be rolled out to 8,000 doors across Northeastern’s 36 residence halls and other facilities. The online security system replaces the oft-laborious offline and key-based locks.

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The CBORD Group has added the new Odyssey Direct solution to its portfolio. A hosted campus card system that offers full services without the IT complexity or workload, Odyssey Direct addresses a growing need for universities to focus more IT resources on academics and student success, and less on system maintenance.

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HID Global and Vanderbilt University have partnered to install a new access control system that leverages smartphones and Bluetooth Smart. The new pilot aims to demonstrate mobile’s capabilities as a convenient and compelling alternative to opening doors.

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