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New Jersey school to test waters with electronic IDs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next year, New Jersey’s Ocean City High School will implement new student ID cards that must be swiped for attendance purposes. After the objections over similar ID systems in Texas, New Jersey citizens may not be so willing to welcome this technology into their schools.

The Examiner reports that the high school will be implementing K12 School Solutions’ student ID card technology that creates electronic attendance records. It will be the only school in the state to implement such technology. New Jersey schools that currently monitor attendance electronically tend to use fingerprint scanning techniques.

The jury’s out on whether the Ocean City solution will create the same sort of protest and debate over rights that has occurred in Texas, but with exposure that situation has had, Ocean City may need to prepare for objections.

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The Pathum Thani Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) has issued a new electronic identification card for students that will enable the school to send SMS text notification directly to parents if their student skips class.

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In Georgia, Chattooga County School officials are planning to use new student ID cards to help track students as they board and depart school buses.

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Hacienda La Puente Unified School District in California is rolling out Hero, a cloud-based incident management solution from PlascoTrac as part of a new $20,000 student ID card system.

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A senior at Westlake High School in the Los Angeles area, has created a new solution called SwipeID, a device that enables students to accrue points by attending school events.

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