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New Jersey school to test waters with electronic IDs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next year, New Jersey’s Ocean City High School will implement new student ID cards that must be swiped for attendance purposes. After the objections over similar ID systems in Texas, New Jersey citizens may not be so willing to welcome this technology into their schools.

The Examiner reports that the high school will be implementing K12 School Solutions’ student ID card technology that creates electronic attendance records. It will be the only school in the state to implement such technology. New Jersey schools that currently monitor attendance electronically tend to use fingerprint scanning techniques.

The jury’s out on whether the Ocean City solution will create the same sort of protest and debate over rights that has occurred in Texas, but with exposure that situation has had, Ocean City may need to prepare for objections.

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State College Area High School is now using school-issued IDs to log student attendance and record violations.

Beginning April 7, State College Area High School students will swipe their student identification card upon arriving at school in the morning. Curtis Johnson, associate principal at State High School North, insists the new system will improve the accuracy of attendance records and hopefully raise academic performance as students won’t be able to fake class attendance.

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The use of Social Security numbers has once again become a hot-button topic in Louisiana legislature, particularly for students who often share the sensitive data even without parental knowledge.

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Students in Shanghai can now use electronic student ID cards to gain free or reduced admission to 60 of the city’s science and history museums, sports arenas and cultural venues.

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