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Evolis, Viscount partner on visitor management

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Evolis has partnered with Viscount Systems Inc. to introduce Hello Visitors a visitor management solution based on rewritable cards.

To meet different requirements in welcoming and managing visitors, Evolis and Viscount Systems Inc. developed Hello Visitors solution. This solution is made up of the Facility Friends software, published by Viscount Systems Inc., an Evolis Tattoo-RW rewritable card printer, rewritable cards and badge-holders.

Facility Friends is software that enables analysis of visitor streams. An intuitive dashboard makes it possible to list visitor identities, state how many visits are underway, notify delays, manage unwelcome visitors and generate an evacuation report listing visitors present on site. The software also enables a database of visitor contacts to be quickly drawn up through the use of forms.

The Evolis Tattoo-RW rewritable card printer supplied with this software provides an efficient response to any problems relating to visitor and employee streams. Tattoo-RW was designed to wipe and print new data onto a single badge up to 500 times.

Hello Visitors is packaged with card template software, which enables anyone to personalize badges simply by adding text, a logo, and an image or photo. [end] 

Identive Group Inc. and Aventura Technologies Inc. are partnering to implement a centralized security system for the Wichita Public Schools system.

The $3 million project is designed to make campuses more secure and provide local first responders with better information to protect more than 100 schools as well as district offices and other sites in Wichita, Kansas.

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Rutherford County Schools, Murfreesboro, Tenn., have rolled out the Raptor Visitor Management System that scans visitors’ driver license and compares it to a national database before entering school grounds, according to

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PlascoTrac has announced the release of Hero, a cloud-based incident management solution that enables administrators and teachers to log student progress in the classroom, reinforce positive behavior and analyze how student behavior impacts academic performance.

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Card printer manufacturer Evolis will be bundling cardPresso issuance software with three of its printer models. The Portugal-based company cardPresso manufacturers its namesake software and specializes in card personalization solutions.

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