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Indian educational department finishing smart card pilot

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sulthanpet Union in Coimbatore, India, is wrapping up a pilot program that involves issuing smart cards to all students and teachers, regardless of the type of school they’re connected with, reports The Hindu.

The project is part of a state initiative to build a database containing information on all students and teachers. The database will also have information on all types of schools in the state, including government-operated, private, corporation, aided or municipality.

The smart cards will be permanent identity cards that students can use even if they transfer to a different school. The card will contain identifying information such as name, parental details including address and income, caste designation and blood type. Teachers and administrators will be able to use the card to submit attendance records and grades to a dedicated website.

The union is working with Anna University in Chennai for this pilot. The university’s data center will process the information and issue the smart cards.

A software testing pilot is also underway and should be finished in about ten days.

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The 2014 NACCU conference is just weeks away. The conference offers an opportunity to gain knowledge and skill that can help to efficiently plan, implement or expand a campus card program. The conference provides attendees with the opportunity to share ideas with peers at networking events, attend educational sessions and explore the latest card technology and services at the Exhibit Hall.

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Students in Shanghai can now use electronic student ID cards to gain free or reduced admission to 60 of the city’s science and history museums, sports arenas and cultural venues.

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Regulatory action is being proposed in the campus-banking sector, with the U.S. Department of Education releasing its first draft of regulations on campus debit cards that will effectively prohibit certain fees, constrain marketing practices and institute transparency regarding the college-card provider relationship.

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It seems that data breaches occur all to often, and while some attacks are unavoidable, others are simply unacceptable. Just as Canada’s Human Resources and Skills Development office.

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