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ASU taps Blackboard for messaging

Monday, January 7, 2013

Arizona State University selected Blackboard Inc. for messaging capabilities. Blackboard Connect offers a solution to support outreach initiatives and ensure students, faculty and staff are informed about important events that could impact their education.

The new system, which began operations on Jan. 1, will send both urgent notifications and important campus updates to students, faculty and staff through email, texts, RSS, Facebook and Twitter. Starting last December recipients will have the ability to manage their message settings, including the campus location they wish to receive text messages from and including additional subscribers.

ASU students, faculty and staff will be automatically enrolled in the system, but will be prompted to update, customize or opt-out of the system using MyASU, a secure university Web portal.

In 2011, ASU adopted Blackboard Student Services to provide support for students, faculty and staff in all areas of campus life, from financial aid and human resources to academic technology and IT. In addition, the university has used Blackboard Learn. [end] 

Tulane University and Quinnipiac University are piloting a complete near field communication system on campus. The Blackboard Transact system uses NFC-enabled Android handsets and students can use the devices for physical access control, payments at the point-of-sale, vending, laundry, copying and printing.

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Blackboard has launched another mobile app, this one enabling Blackboard Connect message recipients to get alerts and personalize their messaging settings directly from their mobile devices.

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Student safety on campus has long fallen to university police departments, security guards, blue lights and traditional 911 emergency services. But one company is attempting to put all these resources on to a student’s smart phone.

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If you are attending the 2014 NACCU Conference next week in Chicago, don’t miss out on your chance to walk away with an iPad Mini, a Kindle or one of a stack of great gift cards and other prizes.

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