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New campus cards to be issued to Florida university students

Monday, December 10, 2012

Because it’s moving to a new banking partner, the University of Central Florida, Orlando, is requiring all students and staff to obtain new ID cards.

The new partner is Fairwinds Credit Union, which is opening a new campus branch in January.

Students and staff have until the end of January to turn in their old cards and receive a new one compatible with Fairwinds. There is no charge for the new cards.

According to UCF’s Web site, Fairwinds will offer students, faculty, and staff the ability to link their UCF ID card to a Fairwinds checking account, allowing the card to be used both on- and off-campus at retail and ATM locations.

The credit union also provides free ATM transactions at Publix Super Markets and at Fairwinds branch locations.

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The University of Memphis’ Student Government Association has voted to enable the university’s student ID to be used at off-campus dining locations.

Memphis students can now use their Tiger Funds to pay for meals at local area restaurants. For now, the Daily Helmsman reports that the program will undergo a trial run with Garibaldi’s, Domino’s and Ubee’s – all restaurants located near the campus. More locations will be added as the program grows, however, and the Student Government Association claims there are already a number of local restaurants looking to sign up.

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When officials at Georgia State University decided to revamp the campus security and surveillance systems, they found that the campus poses a few challenges.

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The University of New Brunswick is adding a unique feature to its campus ID by harkening back the oldest payment method around, cash.

The new university identification cards double as cash cards that can be used at selected businesses on campus. The new IDs have seemingly been a big hit, as an estimated 1,100 students have already made the switch to the new credential.

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A student ID can verify an individual’s identity with a simple swipe, tap or scan, instantly tethering the person who presents the card to a user account on the backend system. But what happens when the cardholder no longer uses their legal name?

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