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TokenWorks launches Bluetooth portable card scanner

Thursday, December 6, 2012

TokenWorks, a Bronxville, N.Y.-based provider of portable card scanners, has rolled out IDWedgeBT, a Bluetooth ID Card Scanner that can speed electronic form entry of driver licenses, credit cards, student and military IDs and membership and loyalty cards, thus eliminating keypunch errors.

The information is sent via Bluetooth to computers running Apple, Android and Windows operating systems. According to the company, the reader is 20 times faster than manual data entry, requires no software development and works with any computer or mobile device that pairs with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Unlike traditional card scanners that send raw card data, IDWedgeBT’s built in software recognizes different card types, extracts relevant field data and executes a user defined script to enter card data directly into an electronic form.

Once IDWedgeBT is configured for a specific form and paired via Bluetooth, the user scans or swipes a card. IDWedgeBT then automatically completes the form’s contact and/or payment section(s).

The reader works with the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPod 5. It will also work with next year’s iPhone 6, iPad 5 and iPod 6 because it doesn’t depend on specific connectors nor does it need to fit into a piggyback case. It works with Windows Slate, Android Nexus Tablets, Android phones, Samsung Galaxy II and III phones, MacBook Pro laptops and Linux devices. [end] 

Biometric data of more than 7,000 students has been obtained by secondary schools in Cornwall, United Kingdom, according to the Cornish Guardian.

In total, 12 schools have collected fingerprint data of their students using electronic scanners since the technology first came into use nearly ten years ago; these figures indicate that more than a third of secondary schools in Cornwall are using the technology.

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It seems that data breaches occur all to often, and while some attacks are unavoidable, others are simply unacceptable. Just as Canada’s Human Resources and Skills Development office.

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PlascoTrac has announced the release of Hero, a cloud-based incident management solution that enables administrators and teachers to log student progress in the classroom, reinforce positive behavior and analyze how student behavior impacts academic performance.

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It can be difficult for campus card offices to strike the right balance between card durability and security, but according identification specialist 3iD Management, card offices can kill two birds with one stone.

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