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University's ONE Card will save school money

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is getting ready to launch its ONE Card that consolidates an assortment of features including photo identification, physical access into buildings and parking, library services, meal plans, Blazer Bucks and time and attendance records.

“UAB as a whole is going to save a considerable amount of money in this process by eliminating unneeded card systems,” said Jon Corliss, project manager for the ONE Card Project. “Also, consolidating to a single card per person will bring substantial savings.”

The core project team involves members from Human Resources, Physical Security, Information Technology, Parking & Transportation, and Customer Service and Quality Improvement.

The university is expected to launch the card in December, but re-carding the 30,000 cardholders will probably take up to six months. The only out-of-pocket cost for students would be for lost or damaged cards.

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State College Area High School is now using school-issued IDs to log student attendance and record violations.

Beginning April 7, State College Area High School students will swipe their student identification card upon arriving at school in the morning. Curtis Johnson, associate principal at State High School North, insists the new system will improve the accuracy of attendance records and hopefully raise academic performance as students won’t be able to fake class attendance.

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Student purchases made on the University of Wisconsin’s campus – with the university’s Wiscard – are set to be simplified as well as offer additional discounts on food.

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Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, Calif. is using student IDs and smartphones as a means for students to earn certain privileges.

The program is called Student Scan Identification Card Authorization, or SSSICA. As ABC’s local Visalia affiliate reports, campus administrators greet students by scanning a bar code on the students’ IDs to determine whether they have permission to leave campus for lunch or attend school events such as a football game.

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The University of New Brunswick is adding a unique feature to its campus ID by harkening back the oldest payment method around, cash.

The new university identification cards double as cash cards that can be used at selected businesses on campus. The new IDs have seemingly been a big hit, as an estimated 1,100 students have already made the switch to the new credential.

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