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Heartland rolls out MyPay YouTube video

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heartland Payment Systems’ Campus Solutions division has produced a YouTube video showing off the features of one of its newest products, MyPay.

The mobile application, good for Android and Apple iOS devices, enable students and administrators to use their smart phones or mobile devices for on-campus purchases and as a virtual campus ID card.

MyPay can also enable students to make on-campus purchases at bookstores, vending and laundry machines, dining locations and print and copy stations. MyPay can reduce wait times, as students can send their payment information to the point-of-sale terminal while waiting in a checkout line. [end] 

Vendors create enhancements that can’t be accomplished with cards alone

Andrew Hudson, Contributing Editor, Avisian Publications

It’s fair to say that the college experience has changed throughout the years, a shift that permeates every aspect of student life down to the student ID card. The contemporary student uses their ID for everything from physical access to buildings to paying for everyday items like laundry or food.

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With the contemporary college student and their smart phone attached at the hip, the use of mobile apps to fulfill daily tasks like door access, laundry and vending has become the new trend.

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