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Swedish schools go with YubiKey to meet government's ID protection requirements

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yubico, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of online identity protection, says its YubiKey is being chosen by more and more Swedish schools and municipalities to meet the government’s requirements for strong two-factor authentication.

Lerum Kommun, Sweden is the latest region to deploy YubiKeys for staff and students who need to access cloud-based school systems.

The Swedish Data Inspection Board requires all local e-governments and schools to implement two-factor authentication to replace standard username and password login. Two-factor authentication combines the use of a token or smart card providing a secure one-time password with something the user knows, such as a PIN.

Lerum is among several Swedish local e-governments and schools that have chosen Yubico’s YubiKey cloud based identity service, to meet the requirements of two-factor authentication.

“We choose the YubiKey as it offers great security and is easy for children to use,” said Lerum’s Anna Mybeck. “We also highly appreciate that it works well on iPads and tablet computers.”

Manufactured by robots in Sweden and in the United States, the YubiKey simplifies the process of logging in with an OTP token and eliminates the need to re-type long pass codes. The YubiKey fits on a keychain and works on all computers and platforms without the need for installing client software.

“Yubico’s mission is to make secure online identity protection easy and affordable for everyone,” said Yubico CEO Stina Ehrensvard. “Thousands of school children, logging securely in everyday, with a simple click to all their school applications validate the ease of use of our technology.” [end] 

AVISIAN Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the interactive version of the spring 2014 issue of CR80News.

The interactive feature allows for a miniature mode that you can thumb through as well as a full screen mode that allows you to read the magazine as if it were sitting in front of you. Even flipping the pages looks great with this new feature.

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The use of biometrics in schools is a hot-button issue, and one that raises significant concerns over the privacy and civil rights of young people. When conducted without the express consent of students – and more importantly their parents and guardians – the results can be disastrous. Just ask the folks at the Polk County School District.

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The much-publicized biometrics bill in the state of Florida – SB 188 proposed by Sen. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange – has passed through he House without any additional amendments. The bill awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s signature before becoming law.

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