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Missouri State chooses Blackboard for NFC-based contactless card system

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missouri State University has selected Blackboard Transact to implement a contactless student ID card. This enables the new system to integrate student identification, door security, commerce and campus payment into a single contactless card.

The new BearPass ID card uses Sony’s FeliCa contactless technology and works with Blackboard-enabled smart card readers–which also support magnetic stripe technology–for faster and more secure transactions.

More than 25,000 students, faculty and administrators will now be able to pay for purchases and enter buildings with a tap of their ID card.

Students can add money to their student ID account, view transactions online, immediately stop activity on their account if their card is lost or stolen, and use their smart phone to manage their account. MSU can use the cards to operate electronic access control devices for academic, administrative and student buildings, ensuring that only authorized persons are able to gain entry.

Missouri State is the latest institution to upgrade its campus card system using Blackboard’s NFC-compatible contactless system, said Blackboard. School officials said they selected Blackboard Transact following an evaluation of major providers.

“It’s our mission to provide a safe and secure campus, and with Blackboard we’re truly future-proofing our system,” said Kent Thomas, special assistant to the president at Missouri State. [end] 

The University of Missouri has released a new set of policies for its on-campus residence halls, locking their entrances 24/7.

School officials insist that several organizations were consulted prior to rendering the new door access policies. The university’s local newspaper, the Maneater, reports that Residence Halls Association – which represents all students who live in residence halls – as well as the MU Police Department participated in the decision making process and both provided their full support for stricter door access.

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When officials at Georgia State University decided to revamp the campus security and surveillance systems, they found that the campus poses a few challenges.

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Annual CR80News campus card banking survey

It seems that banks are picking and choosing their battles when it comes to campus card partnerships, with some expanding their reach and others holding steady at their previous numbers. With subtle overall growth, however, it seems that it’s business as usual despite possible future regulations.

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Tulane University and Quinnipiac University are piloting a complete near field communication system on campus. The Blackboard Transact system uses NFC-enabled Android handsets and students can use the devices for physical access control, payments at the point-of-sale, vending, laundry, copying and printing.

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