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American Express rolls out prepaid cards at Barnes and Noble college bookstores

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Express has launched its Campus Edition prepaid card, a reloadable card available at more than 500 Barnes & Noble college bookstores across the United States. The card will provide college students with a spending and budgeting tool that can be used wherever American Express Cards are accepted.

The card costs $4.95 and can be funded with multiple loading options at the register with any dollar amount from $25 to $500. Alternatively, customers can order a personalized card online for free here.

If a customer purchases a card at Barnes & Noble and wants to get the full benefits of the Campus Edition card, the customer must order his card online. Once the card is activated, funds from the Barnes & Noble purchased card can be transferred.

Funds can be loaded online through a bank account, such as a savings or checking account, and through cash loading via MoneyPak or at the register at participating Barnes & Noble stores. According to American Express, the ability to load via direct deposit will be available soon.

The card also comes with ATM access and there is no fee from American Express for the first monthly ATM cash withdrawal, after which a $2 fee per withdrawal applies There are no fees for monthly maintenance, activation, balance inquiries, alerts, card replacement, foreign currency conversion or loading via bank account.

The card purchased from Barnes & Noble can be used anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted while the personalized card can be used anywhere around the world where American Express is accepted. The funds for either card do not expire, and if lost or stolen, the funds can be replaced. [end] 

Waukesha County Technical College has started its search for a new banking partner to fill its on-campus location.

A 2009 poll conducted at the Waukesha County Technical College found that 69% of students would use an on-campus bank. Now, the school is seeking proposals for a full-service branch on its Pewaukee campus.

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College students enjoy a number of perks and discounts thanks to their university affiliation, with one of the most common discounts, particularly for urban campuses being public transit.

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Students at Williams College are swapping their mag stripe student IDs for a new, combined mag stripe and proximity credential.

The new IDs will be used to gain access to building and study rooms on campus both during and after hours.

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The first day of summer classes isn’t just the start of a new semester for Florida International University students, it’s also day one for a new point rewards system for the university’s One Card.

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