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Tyler Technologies launches RFID-based student tracking

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tyler Technologies has rolled out its new Versatrans Student Tracking product for installation in school buses to identify which students get off at which stops and when.

The system scans compatible student ID cards and sends the data from an on-board HID iClass contactless reader through Tyler’s Telematics GPS Hardware. School bus operators need to also be using Versatrans Onscreen and VersaTrans Routing and Planning products.

Data is displayed on the student screen or in report form, and dispatchers can retrieve a list of the past scans for any student.

Tyler said no personal data is stored on the cards or in the reader, and student data is encrypted and authenticated for secure transmission.

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CardSmith has announced the availability of its second-generation Cloud Terminal payments solution, CT2.0.

CT2.0 is a web-based application that effectively turns any PC, laptop or tablet into a full-featured payment terminal, enabling clients to process transactions anywhere with existing or bring-your-own-device hardware.

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A student ID can verify an individual’s identity with a simple swipe, tap or scan, instantly tethering the person who presents the card to a user account on the backend system. But what happens when the cardholder no longer uses their legal name?

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PlascoTrac has announced the release of Hero, a cloud-based incident management solution that enables administrators and teachers to log student progress in the classroom, reinforce positive behavior and analyze how student behavior impacts academic performance.

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Students at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Ill. have been swiping on and off the school bus for a couple of years but now parents can check when and where they tapped their IDs with a system from MyFirstPass, developed by the First Student bus company.

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