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Emirates ID system lets parents keep tabs on their children

Friday, May 4, 2012

Parents in the capital city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, can now keep tabs on their children’s academic records with the swipe of their Emirates ID card.

A smart card reader installed by the Abu Dhabi Education Council at both state schools and private schools that follow the national curriculum enables parents to access a database of their children’s academic history, attendance record, test scores and medical records. They can also track their children’s school assignments and check on holiday dates from home.

Called the Parent Assistant System, it was launched to increase communication between the home and school.

One council official said the system is meant to encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s school activities. “If your daughter or son has a test or you need to find out what the report says, you can do it at home or when at work,” the official said. “You do not need to go to school every time.”

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The use of biometrics in schools is a hot-button issue, and one that raises significant concerns over the privacy and civil rights of young people. When conducted without the express consent of students – and more importantly their parents and guardians – the results can be disastrous. Just ask the folks at the Polk County School District.

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Starting this fall, students in the Washington, DC area will get to ride Metrobus for free. WMATA could also take advantage of this opportunity and simplify its system for student fares as well, according to

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The use of biometrics in schools is once again the topic of debate in the Florida legislature, with lawmakers considering a proposal that would prohibit school districts from collecting biometric information – including fingerprints, handprints, iris and voice.

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Students at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Ill. have been swiping on and off the school bus for a couple of years but now parents can check when and where they tapped their IDs with a system from MyFirstPass, developed by the First Student bus company.

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