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Northwestern drops outdated payment system

Friday, April 27, 2012

Northwestern University is eliminating what it calls “an antiquated system” with the discontinuance of its CashStripe program, which students use to transfer cash to their WildCARD to pay for print jobs and buy products from select vending machines.

The decision to spike the program was made after the library decided to upgrade to a new online payment system for printing.

“It’s pretty much is an antiquated system,” said Art Monge, WildCARD program manager, of CashStripe. “It’s about 20 years old.”

Students previously used CashStripe at the food court, dorm laundry rooms and outside campus vendors, such as Burger King, but these programs were phased out over time. Most recently, laundry machine readers were switched out from CashStripe to another payments program two years ago, said Monge.

CashStripe is still accepted at some vending machines on campus that have not been updated to accept credit cards.

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Doctoral students at the University of Zurich have released an open-source tool that could broaden the mobile payment process on campus.

The mobile wallet solutions is called CoinBlesk, and is the brainchild of a group of University of Zurich graduates that wanted to deliver mobile payments using two-way Near Field Communication. The student-led project is being implemented in the university’s cafeteria.

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Students, faculty, and visitors at St. Cloud State University can now bypass the parking meter with a new service that enables parking payments directly from a mobile phone.

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Coop bookstore, a retail store serving the campus’ student body, is now accepting bitcoin payments for apparel, textbooks, school supplies and more.

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Students are using their campus IDs and mobile devices for a number of daily activities, and recent financial reports suggest that cashless vending may be ideally positioned for this trend.

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