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MidFirst Bank, Arizona State partner to replace Sun Card with MasterCard

Friday, April 13, 2012

Arizona State University, Tempe, and the state’s largest privately-held bank have partnered to implement a MasterCard student ID for students and faculty. Labeled the Pitchfork ID after the school’s nickname, the Sun Devils, the MasterCard is intended to function as a check card and student ID, enabling access to dorms, recreation centers and meal plans.

The switch to the new card, backed by MidFirst Bank, comes as ASU announced on its Web site that the Sun Dollars program designed for off campus use will soon be extinct. The new check card will take its place.

Students and faculty can still opt out of the MasterCard plan and receive a regular Sun Card that functions as an ID, carries meal plans and allows building access, but they would not be able to use Sun Cards for campus vending machines, health services or parking services. Instead, students will have to pay for those with a Pitchfork Card or other form of payment.

The check card will be directly tied to students’ free Sun Devil Checking Account with MidFirst Bank which students can begin signing up for now.

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a new bill that’s intended to deter identify thieves, as well as quell concerns from parents.

House Bill 1076, signed last month, mandates that public school students in Louisiana will receive unique identification numbers to replace the Social Security numbers, which are currently on students’ academic files. The bill was drawn into the debate following the fear that student information forms that accompany the state’s Common Core tests would be vulnerable to data breaches.

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Malaysia will now be issuing identification cards for international students that aim to improve the management of foreign students in the country while also providing a boost in security.

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Porterville College has partnered with U.S. Bank to launch OneCard, Porterville’s new campus identification card.

Combining the student ID with a prepaid debit MasterCard, OneCard is designed as a solution that can help manage student expenses, while expediting the financial aid disbursement process. According to the Porterville Recorder, the new OneCard program is set to commence this spring.

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University of Queensland students who use public transit to get to campus can be fined $227 if they fail to present the new Tertiary Transport Concession Card, their university ID and their Go Card while using public transport.

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