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Iowa students woo legislators with cupcakes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can cupcakes convince legislators to vote a certain way? College Republicans at the University of Iowa think so. They handed out cupcakes to lawmakers to urge their support of a voter ID bill. All legislators had to do was show their own ID, such as a driver license, to receive the goody.

“We’re handing out cupcakes just to show how easy it is to show IDs,” University of Iowa College Republicans President Kelsey Boehm said.

The legislation is being pushed by Secretary of State Matt Schultz and would require voters to present a government- or school-issued ID to vote. “If you have to show your ID for [other things], why not when you vote?” he said.

But Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, said he thinks the bill will suppress voter turnout. “They are trying to sell it under the idea that there’s voter fraud in Iowa,” he said. “As I understand it, there has only been one case [of it] in 25 years. Voter fraud is not a big thing in Iowa.”

In addition, the University of Iowa Student Government recently passed a resolution opposing the bill. Read more here[end] 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to sign a bill that would ban biometric in schools throughout the state. In this latest edition of the Regarding ID podcast, legislators detail why they think a ban is necessary instead of providing an opt-out provision. Senator Dorothy Hukill (R – Port Orange) says the biometric ban is intended to protect students from having their identities stolen even though she admits that there is no recorded instance of a biometric database being breached and used to steal an individual’s identity.  

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Students attending the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg campus can now ride Pinellas County buses for free when they show drivers their student ID.

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A month-old security policy at Emerson College, called Tap and Go already has some off-campus students raising safety and usability concerns.

Under the new system, everyone entering an Emerson campus building must tap their IDs or be signed in. The policy also mandates that the outside doors of residence halls be locked automatically, requiring a campus ID to enter, according to a report in the Berkeley Beacon.

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Mississippi Sate university is takes its football seriously, in particular its student admissions. The university sent out a mass email last week reminding students of the proper usage of their ID cards come game day.

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