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Finger scanning utilized at two West Virginia high schools

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High schools in Jefferson County, W.V. will be implementing biometric finger scanning in an effort to provide security for the students’ cafeteria accounts. Purpose of the program, according to school officials, is to eliminate clerical errors and to provide students with an easy way to identify themselves when using the cafeteria.

Using the finger scanner provided by identiMetrics, the software scans the finger to create and store individual templates of unique points that ID each student.

When the student returns to the cafeteria, his finger is again scanned and if a match is found in the database, the student is identified.

School officials pointed out that the scanner does not store a copy of the fingerprint. It just creates a template of the student’s fingerprint characteristics. When the student graduates or is no longer enrolled at the high school, the template is deleted.

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The education authority of China has revealed plans to assign every primary and secondary student in the country with a unique ID number.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has ordered its disparate, provincial education departments to work with public security authorities to verify student IDs in their respective jurisdictions. The new initiative will begin with students that are soon to graduate from primary, junior and senior high schools.

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Paying for school lunches in Geneva, Ill. is about to be overhauled this coming school year, as district 304 will move to a new web-based lunch debit system.

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Nigeria’s Osun State Government has launched smart identity card for all public school students within the province. The initiative began with the Salvation Army School, and stresses a commitment on the part of the government to use technology to improve planning, resource allocation and service delivery in the education sector.

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North Adams Public School officials have decided to implement a new biometric identification system in school cafeterias that they claim will save time and money.

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Glenn Kinney Permalink
February 22, 2012 3:33 PM

This is a very unique idea. I know this alreay exsists but not at this level. If this works I'm sure that other schools will start using it and for more than just lunches.

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