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Pair using forged student IDs to obtain U-passes deported

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Chinese couple who used stolen identity information from students at Simon Fraser University in Canada to obtain TransLink U-Passes, have been deported.

Siyuan Gu and Jing Wang pleaded guilty in December to using the forged documents.

When police raided their apartment they found “some retail PIN card terminals, a pinhole, wireless remote transmitter and receiver, a magnetic card reader, lock picks and locksmith tools,” police said.

The pair had 47 forged student IDs on them when arrested and police found a 500-page printout of information on SFU students. The information was obtained from university computers that had been compromised with devices that enabled the thieves to record the keystrokes of users.

The U-Pass system enables students to pay a reduced rate for transit services. It’s available to all eligible public, post-secondary institutions in Metro Vancouver.

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The Georgia Institute of Technology is now accepting Bitcoin for student dining and shopping on campus.

Georgia Tech’s BuzzCards, can now be topped up with the digital currency at the BuzzCard Center, the university’s card office. The proposed integration is significant as student BuzzCards can be used at some 200 locations around the Atlanta-based campus where students to pay for meals, parking, recreational facilities and tickets for various sporting events.

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The state road transport of Kolhapur, a province of southwest India, is simplifying student travel with a new smart card system and production facility.

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St. Petersburg College and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority have launched the new Universal Pass initiative, which enables SPC students and employees to ride the bus for free by showing their university ID as they board.

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The Taipei City Government yesterday announced an implementation plan that would require students in the country’s major metropolises to register for student EasyCards, which provide discounts on bus fares.

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Glenn Kinney Permalink
February 22, 2012 3:35 PM

You know this is the third or fourth article I have read recently where student information has been lost or leaked. How does this keep happening? I have a son in college and this worries me.

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