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D.C. transit card encounters some bumps along the way

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Washington D.C.’s School District’s new program to shift all of its student transit passes to the new D.C. One Card has become bogged with problems, including technical glitches in Metro’s fare system, according to the Washington Examiner.

City officials spent the Labor Day weekend processing a backlog of 2,500 cards, and then hand-delivered them around the city. “The city had the backlog in processing applications because of a staffing shortage,” said a spokesman for District Department of Transportation.

The Metro also has a problem with the software that let students renew the passes at Metrorail fare vending machines. So for at least a few months, those lucky enough to have one will have to visit a Metro sales office in person each month to renew their cards. The problems may be resolved by November or December, said a spokesman for the Metro.

Once finalized, the passes will serve some 15,000 D.C. public school students, helping them use the Metro system to get to class. In May, students at the School Without Walls tested the cards as part of a pilot program.

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Canada’s Compass Card – a smart card used for accessing public transit – is slated to serve a much larger user base in 2015, as the card program be expanded serve students studying at ten universities participating in the U-Pass BC program.

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The state road transport of Kolhapur, a province of southwest India, is simplifying student travel with a new smart card system and production facility.

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College students enjoy a number of perks and discounts thanks to their university affiliation, with one of the most common discounts, particularly for urban campuses being public transit.

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Students attending the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg campus can now ride Pinellas County buses for free when they show drivers their student ID.

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