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City College Norwich taps Alert ID

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

City College Norwich in the UK has inked a deal with Alert ID Group to design a system which will maintain student medical records and emergency contacts ready to dispatch to families and first responders in the event of any emergency.

At the UK campus more than 14,000 students are encouraged to participate in the registration which supplies each student with an emergency ID card that can be used to provide medical staff with quick and easy access to any important medical information.

Each emergency ID card will feature a photograph , a phone number for 24/7 tech support and a member ID that links to the student’s medical history.

The Alert ID service offers both staff and family members the assurance that, should a problem arise at anytime, the safety and well being of the student concerned is protected and enhanced.

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State College Area High School is now using school-issued IDs to log student attendance and record violations.

Beginning April 7, State College Area High School students will swipe their student identification card upon arriving at school in the morning. Curtis Johnson, associate principal at State High School North, insists the new system will improve the accuracy of attendance records and hopefully raise academic performance as students won’t be able to fake class attendance.

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Student safety on campus has long fallen to university police departments, security guards, blue lights and traditional 911 emergency services. But one company is attempting to put all these resources on to a student’s smart phone.

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ScholarChip is providing its IDManager Card Issuance Stations to City University of New York (CUNY) institution, Kingsborough Community College.

When Kingsborough went in search of a new campus credential for its students and staff, one particular demand came to mind: flexibility. Above all else, Kingsborough required a single identification card that could unify its various campus services.

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Annual CR80News campus card banking survey

It seems that banks are picking and choosing their battles when it comes to campus card partnerships, with some expanding their reach and others holding steady at their previous numbers. With subtle overall growth, however, it seems that it’s business as usual despite possible future regulations.

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