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Oregon college ditches lock and key for hi-tech

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lane Community College, Eugene, Ore., is adding a key card system that will enable staff and faculty to use cards instead of keys to unlock doors and to get into specific buildings, according tot he student newspaper.

“This technology is in wide use around the world and it has many different functionalities,” said Public Safety Manager Jace Smith. “It’s going to help Lane be an active, engaged participant in the 21st century especially once we start expanding its uses.”

After Sept. 26, no staff or faculty member will be able to use metal keys on any lock on campus. The project will involve removing or changing all of the external locks.

Through the system’s software, individual cards may be coded to work during certain times for each building on campus.

Students won’t be provided key cards unless they are employed by the college.

“I think that there is a lot of promise for using this technology with students, but there has to be a commitment to the institution,” said Smith.

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State College Area High School is now using school-issued IDs to log student attendance and record violations.

Beginning April 7, State College Area High School students will swipe their student identification card upon arriving at school in the morning. Curtis Johnson, associate principal at State High School North, insists the new system will improve the accuracy of attendance records and hopefully raise academic performance as students won’t be able to fake class attendance.

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Chadron State College has plans to implement a new, centralized identity management system, EagleCard, and at the center of the new system will be Heartland’s OneCard solution.

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Student ID cards vary in their design, with university crests, colors and photos all adorning the fronts these important credentials. The reverse side of the card, however is easy to overlook, as many institutions pre-print generic data that the student rarely notices.

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St Paul’s College in Sydney, Australia has elected to remove its mechanical lock cylinders and keys from its buildings and replace them with an electronic access control system supplied by SALTO Systems.

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