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Lobby Track Visitor Management now integrated with DSX

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jolly Technologies, San Carlos, Calif., has integrated its Lobby Track Visitor Management software with an access control system from DSX Access Systems, Dallas. The integrated DSX/Lobby Track solution streamlines the registration and credentialing process for a visitor who needs to be issued an access card.

Selected visitors are assigned an access card which is then activated. Lobby Track automatically creates an account for these visitors in the DSX system and assigns the appropriate access level and expiration date. Records that need to be deactivated and removed are also managed through Lobby Track.

“We’ve designed a unique access manager utility that will enable our customers to quickly integrate our Lobby Track Visitor Management System with DSX’s access system,” said Kurt Bell, Jolly vice president, sales and marketing. “The DSX integration benefits our customers by providing seamless systems for both registering guests and assigning door access privileges in one easy-to-understand process. Access cards are activated during check-in and deactivated either at the time of check-out or at an assigned expiration date. These processes are all managed through the Lobby Track interface.”

DSX designs software and hardware for the security industry’s use in real world applications, added DSX President Bart Holzer.

Free trial downloads of Lobby Track version 5.03 that supports the integration can be found here[end] 

Baltimore County Public Schools stays ahead of its large population with contactless student IDs

Attendance is a primary, daily function at virtually every elementary, middle and high school across the country. For large schools and districts, logging and reporting student attendance can be an incessant challenge. In Baltimore, a new system is redefining attendance with the student ID card, paving the way for improved campus safety and efficiency.

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Rutherford County Schools, Murfreesboro, Tenn., have rolled out the Raptor Visitor Management System that scans visitors’ driver license and compares it to a national database before entering school grounds, according to

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Shuttle Computer Group and ScholarChip have partnered to create a new kiosk that can help school administrators to monitor student and staff attendance.

ScholarChip’s Safety and Operations System will now leverage Shuttle’s X50 all-in-one computer, and together with ScholarChip’s software and accessories, has created a portable, multi-purpose kiosk that captures attendance at a rate more than 40 students per minute.

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PlascoTrac has announced the release of Hero, a cloud-based incident management solution that enables administrators and teachers to log student progress in the classroom, reinforce positive behavior and analyze how student behavior impacts academic performance.

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