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WMU writes its own access control system, supports 150k cardholders

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Western Michigan University will soon begin the major roll out of a new access control system, reports Security Director News. The university accounts for more than 150,000 cardholders, 600 card readers and 600 surveillance cameras and thousands of alarms, panic buttons and other sensors.

WMU also leverages a one-card approach, enabling students to access residential halls, dining system, the library system, as well as academic buildings and computer labs. To ensure its different technologies are compatible with one another the campus writes its own software, using an open platform and direct access to the manufacturer’s software engineers.

The university’s development team has been working with an access control system by Open Options and tested the system in a number of its buildings. The Open Options system will offer new features that aid campus security better respond to incidents. For example, when an alarm occurs, dispatchers will have access to video cameras nearby, as well as comments or policies on the best course of action.

The new access control system is set to roll out in March, with the university expecting the process to take between four and six weeks to complete.

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Evolis has unveiled the AVANSIA, a new printer that utilizes retransfer-printing technology to deliver high quality, high durability cards.

With retransfer printing, the card layout is first printed on a transparent film and then the print layer is transferred to the card. This technology makes it possible to cover the entire surface of the card, eliminate white edges and protect the print head from damage.

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The university of Massachusetts has installed a new access system for campus residence halls in an effort to clamp down on everything from parties to alleged sexual assaults.

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The University of Kentucky’s security management system has been recognized with an innovation award at the Secured Cities Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. The university’s system was implemented alongside Louisville’s Biagi Chance Cummins London Titzer, Inc. (BCCLT) engineering consulting firm, and has won the 2014 Security Innovation Award (SIA) by Secured Cities.

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At George Washington University, students are unlocking their dorm rooms a little differently. For students who lose their GWorld student ID cards, getting into tap-access dorms is as simple pressing ‘send’ on a text message.

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