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System failure results in long lines at CSULB rec. center

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center at California State University Long Beach recently had a computer system crash, which according to a CSULB student publication, resulted in long lines and confusion among students.

The system crash affected the computer system and the biometrics hand print device students used to check in students. Instead of asking students for their ID cards, staff members wrote down the student identification numbers of students as they entered the facility creating a line and confusion among students.

“There was no clear cause for the system failure other than a simple computer glitch,” said Christina Esparza Associated Students Inc. communications coordinator. “Our staff is well trained and prepared for any emergency or situation.”

To see how students reacted to the system crash click here[end] 

How universities are using biometrics in the dining hall

For universities nationwide, getting students through the dining hall doors and to their daily meals is a constant struggle that requires a delicate balance of student convenience and throughput.

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The Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M is asking students to swipe their university ID cards at all student center sponsored events and programs in an effort to better track attendance and engagement.

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Drake University has added more contactless door readers following positive feedback on campus.

In response to faculty, students and staff, Drake Public Safety officials have are adding 11 new doors to the university’s electronic locking system.

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Late night transportation is a vital service for students at universities nationwide. The same holds true in Cincinnati, where The University of Cincinnati App Lab has developed a mobile app that places NightRide services into the hands of students.

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