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New Schlage smart credential readers unveiled

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies announced the availability of a new line of Schlage contactless smart credential readers - operating on 13.56 MHz frequency – and designed to address the industry’s current requirements while providing a foundation and scalability for future applications.

The new Schlage contactless smart credential readers provide improved security and support all applicable ISO 14443 and 15693 standards. They leverage MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology, and are encrypted with AES 128-bit diversified keys and include mutual authentication and a message authentication code (MAC) to ensure that data is safe.

The new Schlage readers, when used with new Schlage smart credentials, provide a baud rate transfer of up to 848 kbps between the credential and reader. These readers also come standard as FIPS 201/ PIV II compliant readers, ready to be used in government applications:

  • The SXF2200 Mid-Range Contactless Smart Credential Reader is ideal, with its provided read range, for mounting on single gang U.S. electrical boxes.

  • The SXF2210 Mid-Range Contactless Smart Credential Reader is for higher security applications where two factor (card and/or pin number) authentications are desirable.


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Any campus card administrator will tell you that understanding where your card system’s vulnerabilities lie is imperative, and understanding your card technology and its limits, be it mag stripe, bar code, prox or contactless is a crucial component of this understanding.

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As many as 250,000 students in Jakarta may lose their academic subsidies after the Jakarta Regional Legislative Council rejected the city administration’s request for a larger budget for the Jakarta Smart Card program.

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A new CBORD solution being installed at Northeastern University in Boston promises to improve student safety by leveraging online door access control.

The new security system will be rolled out to 8,000 doors across Northeastern’s 36 residence halls and other facilities. The online security system replaces the oft-laborious offline and key-based locks.

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Nigeria’s Osun State Government has launched smart identity card for all public school students within the province. The initiative began with the Salvation Army School, and stresses a commitment on the part of the government to use technology to improve planning, resource allocation and service delivery in the education sector.

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