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Western Michigan begins registration for WMUAlert

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Western Michigan University has launched the registration for a new emergency communication system, WMU Alert, which is designed to place thousands of phone calls to students, faculty and staff in the event of an extreme campus emergency.

Any member of the campus community can register a phone number - cell phone, office or home phone number - to receive notification of emergency situations. If an extreme emergency is identified, the system’s mass call option will be activated, sending voice messages to all numbers registered to receive them.

The system is capable of making approximately 4,000 calls per minute. Text messaging is not part of the system because text messaging has a lower delivery priority and is not considered fitting for extreme emergencies.

Messages can be tailored to suit any emergency, and there are also several pre-recorded messages to provide clear, concise notification covering several possible situations. The phone messages will offer immediate directions for responding to the emergency identified. [end] 

UMass Dartmouth is taking to the mobile app for its campus safety, with a roll out of the Rave Guardian campus safety app.

Designed to check on the status of a student if, for example, they are walking from the library to the dorm at night, Rave Guardian sends notifications to the proper authorities and individuals to verify that students arrive at their destinations safely.

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Western Michigan University has decided to allow its students and faculty to help decide what their campus credentials will look like by opening an online poll to decide the card’s new logo.

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Michigan State students attempting to attend football games without purchasing a ticket could be in for a surprise this season, as the university is cracking down on access to Spartan Stadium’s student section.

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The Taipei City Government yesterday announced an implementation plan that would require students in the country’s major metropolises to register for student EasyCards, which provide discounts on bus fares.

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