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N.J. school district uses biometrics for cashless POS

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Summit School District in New Jersey is utilizing a combination of various technology to streamline accounting and speed up lunch lines, according to an Independent Press release.

Elementary schools are utilizing biometric scanners, which read students’ fingertip to pay for meals. However, officials say at no time is a fingerprint image made or stored.

In fact, the finger scanner is said to convert student’s biometric information into a set of binaries (0s and 1s). This is the only information stored in the districts server. When a student returns to the cafeteria the device scans, again in binaries, and looks for a match in the database. Identification is then made and the account information is available to the cashier.

In the district’s high school cafeterias students swipe their ID cards to pay for meals, and middle schools have students enter an assigned PIN number.

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Beginning with the upcoming 2014-15 school year, New Caney Independent School District will be implementing a new electronic tracking system that monitor students’ attendance on buses, ensuring that they ride the correct bus and exit at the right stops.

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North Adams Public School officials have decided to implement a new biometric identification system in school cafeterias that they claim will save time and money.

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Paying for school lunches in Geneva, Ill. is about to be overhauled this coming school year, as district 304 will move to a new web-based lunch debit system.

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The much-publicized biometrics bill in the state of Florida – SB 188 proposed by Sen. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange – has passed through he House without any additional amendments. The bill awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s signature before becoming law.

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The Pathum Thani Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) has issued a new electronic identification card for students that will enable the school to send SMS text notification directly to parents if their student skips class.

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In Georgia, Chattooga County School officials are planning to use new student ID cards to help track students as they board and depart school buses.

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