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UCF taps viaRadio for its ENVOY Emergency Solutions platform

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With more than 53,000 students, the University of Central Florida has chosen to incorporate viaRadio’s ENVOY Emergency Solutions platform to cover its 1,415-acre Orlando campus.

The ENVOY system delivers unlimited, time-sensitive text messages to viaRadio’s HEARO Local Alert Receivers, which are strategically placed to alert listeners of looming weather conditions, NOAA weather warnings and other emergencies.

HEARO receivers acquire text messages in both English and Spanish through standard FM radio frequencies, thus allowing the system to function even when power, phone and Internet are out.

The campus radio station hosts the broadcast equipment used by the Orange County Office of Emergency Management, serving both the university and the surrounding community. [end] 

Indiana University’s Student Association has passed a resolution that will allow students’ preferred names to appear on their IDs rather than their legal names.

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