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Phishing scheme opens data breach potential on San Francisco campus

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Campus administrators and faculty are not immune to the email plague of phishing. That became evident at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine (UCSF) this week when a physician was fooled into revealing a username and password to hackers. An official looking email made to look like it was sent by university computer security staff asked the doc to provide the information. It is unclear whether any sensitive information was accessed but the employee’s email account did include information about patients, including demographic and clinical data as well as Social Security numbers of four patients. Though commonly thought of in financial circles, it is clear that campus employees and faculty need to be educated about such threats and remain vigilant. [end] 

A theft at the University of California at San Francisco may compromise the personal data of some 10,000 people associated with the institution.

The university has sent letters to those it believes have been affected after one of its campuses fell victim to computer theft. UCSF reported that unencrypted desktop computers were stolen on January 11 from the UCSF Family Medicine Center in Lakeshore, Calif.

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Need a ride but don’t want to peddle your way across campus? Why not rent a car?

That’s the question posed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where by the start of the fall semester, anyone with a valid UW-Madison ID will be able to check out an electric vehicle to drive around campus.

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There seems to be a new data breach reported every week, and a growing number of them are taking place on the college campus.

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The National Association of Campus Card Users is now officially accepting nominations for its Board of Directors.

NACCU is an association that specializes in the campus card transaction industry, serving the national and international community. The association is the one source dedicated to high quality educational programs, resources, services and tools.

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Waukesha County Technical College has started its search for a new banking partner to fill its on-campus location.

A 2009 poll conducted at the Waukesha County Technical College found that 69% of students would use an on-campus bank. Now, the school is seeking proposals for a full-service branch on its Pewaukee campus.

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The coming of August not only marks the start of another academic year, it’s also the first time that fledgling college students will be away from home. But while leaving the nest is an exciting prospect, there are very real concerns for young people as they brave new waters.

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