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Oregon university regulates rec center entry with hand scanners

Friday, September 18, 2009

The University of Oregon, Eugene, has joined the ranks of those schools utilizing hand scanners to control entry to specific buildings. As in many of the other universities which have opted for the technology, this university is using the scanners to control entry to its Rec Center.

University officials cited two reasons for the change: a desire to prevent non-students from using the facility and a need to update the software.

Under the old system, students would swipe their cards in scanners mounted to turnstiles. But some students would loan their cards to non-students who weren’t paying the fee to use the center, which is rolled into the costs of attending the University.

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A theft at the University of California at San Francisco may compromise the personal data of some 10,000 people associated with the institution.

The university has sent letters to those it believes have been affected after one of its campuses fell victim to computer theft. UCSF reported that unencrypted desktop computers were stolen on January 11 from the UCSF Family Medicine Center in Lakeshore, Calif.

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A student ID can verify an individual’s identity with a simple swipe, tap or scan, instantly tethering the person who presents the card to a user account on the backend system. But what happens when the cardholder no longer uses their legal name?

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When officials at Georgia State University decided to revamp the campus security and surveillance systems, they found that the campus poses a few challenges.

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The University of New Brunswick is adding a unique feature to its campus ID by harkening back the oldest payment method around, cash.

The new university identification cards double as cash cards that can be used at selected businesses on campus. The new IDs have seemingly been a big hit, as an estimated 1,100 students have already made the switch to the new credential.

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Student ID cards vary in their design, with university crests, colors and photos all adorning the fronts these important credentials. The reverse side of the card, however is easy to overlook, as many institutions pre-print generic data that the student rarely notices.

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Chadron State College has plans to implement a new, centralized identity management system, EagleCard, and at the center of the new system will be Heartland’s OneCard solution.

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