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Credit union, Wisconsin university deliver all-in-one card

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A partnership between the University of Wisconsin and the UW Credit Union will give students the option to use their campus cards as debit cards. “One card is really all students are going to need to carry, whether they are on campus or off campus with this new program,” said a university spokesperson.

The seven-year contract calls for the university to receive $286,000 a year in support of the debit card option in addition to monthly rent payments for 18 ATMs on campus.

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Need a ride but don’t want to peddle your way across campus? Why not rent a car?

That’s the question posed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where by the start of the fall semester, anyone with a valid UW-Madison ID will be able to check out an electric vehicle to drive around campus.

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A new initiative at Marquette University is giving every freshman and sophomore student living in a university residence hall a reusable takeout container to be used at the university’s dining halls.

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Administrators at the University of Georgia have decided to institute PIN entry for physical access to buildings on its Athens campus, replacing an existing hand geometry system that has long been heralded as one of the pioneering implementations of biometrics on campus.

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The South Dakota State University student ID has undergone a name change and rebranding. Now called the MyJacks Card, the student credentials maintain their previous functionality but feature a new look.

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Student purchases made on the University of Wisconsin’s campus – with the university’s Wiscard – are set to be simplified as well as offer additional discounts on food.

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