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Educational institute BFB Biel trusts in Océ and LEGIC technology

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A German vocational school, BFB Bildung Formation Biel has turned to Océ (Switzerland), a manufacturer of high-tech printing and copying systems, and LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. for a new printer and copier system as well as a multi-functional credentialing system that allows controls building access, payments in the restaurant and at vending machines.

As part of a call for tenders, BFB was looking to implement a modern copier system with payment solutions. The institute also wanted a multi-functional credential for use by its 100 teachers and 2,000 students.

The educational institute selected Océ (Switzerland)to supply and install the new multi-functional printer and copier systems including LEGIC based payment solutions. Further, Océ was selected to manage the project for the introduction of the multi-functional credential. The aim was to be able to use the same data carrier for printing and copying as well as for access to the building and restaurant and vending payments. [end] 

The Georgia Institute of Technology is now accepting Bitcoin for student dining and shopping on campus.

Georgia Tech’s BuzzCards, can now be topped up with the digital currency at the BuzzCard Center, the university’s card office. The proposed integration is significant as student BuzzCards can be used at some 200 locations around the Atlanta-based campus where students to pay for meals, parking, recreational facilities and tickets for various sporting events.

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The life of a college student is anything but lavish, and between tuition payments, living and food expenses, for some it can be difficult to make ends meet. It’s for this reason that the University of Toledo has opened its own food pantry for students in need of a meal.

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At George Washington University, students are unlocking their dorm rooms a little differently. For students who lose their GWorld student ID cards, getting into tap-access dorms is as simple pressing ‘send’ on a text message.

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A month-old security policy at Emerson College, called Tap and Go already has some off-campus students raising safety and usability concerns.

Under the new system, everyone entering an Emerson campus building must tap their IDs or be signed in. The policy also mandates that the outside doors of residence halls be locked automatically, requiring a campus ID to enter, according to a report in the Berkeley Beacon.

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The University of Kentucky’s security management system has been recognized with an innovation award at the Secured Cities Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. The university’s system was implemented alongside Louisville’s Biagi Chance Cummins London Titzer, Inc. (BCCLT) engineering consulting firm, and has won the 2014 Security Innovation Award (SIA) by Secured Cities.

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Malaysia will now be issuing identification cards for international students that aim to improve the management of foreign students in the country while also providing a boost in security.

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