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Educational institute BFB Biel trusts in Océ and LEGIC technology

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A German vocational school, BFB Bildung Formation Biel has turned to Océ (Switzerland), a manufacturer of high-tech printing and copying systems, and LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. for a new printer and copier system as well as a multi-functional credentialing system that allows controls building access, payments in the restaurant and at vending machines.

As part of a call for tenders, BFB was looking to implement a modern copier system with payment solutions. The institute also wanted a multi-functional credential for use by its 100 teachers and 2,000 students.

The educational institute selected Océ (Switzerland)to supply and install the new multi-functional printer and copier systems including LEGIC based payment solutions. Further, Océ was selected to manage the project for the introduction of the multi-functional credential. The aim was to be able to use the same data carrier for printing and copying as well as for access to the building and restaurant and vending payments. [end] 

The Malta government is set for a major renovation of a smart card system that is used to process student grants.

The student smart card was originally intended to help with costs for educational materials but over time students have been able to purchase any consumer products, including sportswear, footwear and eyewear.

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Administrators at the University of Georgia have decided to institute PIN entry for physical access to buildings on its Athens campus, replacing an existing hand geometry system that has long been heralded as one of the pioneering implementations of biometrics on campus.

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Rutgers University has approved a new student preferred name policy that will enable students to use preferred names instead of legal names on official class rosters, the university’s learning resource management system Sakai and the Rutgers Electronic Grading and Information System.

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peerTransfer, a provider of global payment solutions for the education industry, and Nelnet Inc. a campus commerce services provider for K-12 and higher educational institutions, are now providing clients with real-time payment status updates as part of a deeper platform integration.

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Malaysia will now be issuing identification cards for international students that aim to improve the management of foreign students in the country while also providing a boost in security.

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