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Faculty football tickets contain Social Security number

Monday, August 25, 2008

University of Georgia faculty members need to keep a close track on their season football tickets this year. That’s the warning from one faculty member after he scanned the barcode on the back of the ticket only to discover his nine-digit Social Security number was part of the ID number embedded in the ticket.

University students are assigned their own 16-digit number that doesn’t include the SSN, but that system hasn’t extended to the faculty yet. The faculty member who blew the whistle says a $20 bar code scanner is all that’s needed to read the ticket.

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Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, Calif. is using student IDs and smartphones as a means for students to earn certain privileges.

The program is called Student Scan Identification Card Authorization, or SSSICA. As ABC’s local Visalia affiliate reports, campus administrators greet students by scanning a bar code on the students’ IDs to determine whether they have permission to leave campus for lunch or attend school events such as a football game.

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A sort of black market hit the sidewalks and social media sites of Florida State University last week when student tickets completely sold out for the highly anticipated FSU-Miami football game, according to

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Western Michigan University has decided to allow its students and faculty to help decide what their campus credentials will look like by opening an online poll to decide the card’s new logo.

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The University of Maryland has been the subject of a massive data breach, leaving the personal accounts of students, faculty and staff vulnerable.

University officials anticipate that the data breach includes information on anyone who was issued a campus ID for university’s College Park and Shady Grove campuses since 1998 – an estimated 309,079 students, faculty and staff accounts.

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University of Pittsburgh students, like many other students across the country, use their campus ID to gain access to sporting events on campus. Pitt students, however, cannot transfer tickets from one ID to another, forcing those without a ticket to brave the resale market.

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The use of Social Security numbers has once again become a hot-button topic in Louisiana legislature, particularly for students who often share the sensitive data even without parental knowledge.

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