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Southern Illinois issues new Dawg Tags

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Students at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale have until Oct. 1 to get their new Dawg Tag IDs. The university switched over to the new system in the summer, removing the Social Security number from the card and from the magnetic stripe. The students will now have a randomly assigned ID number.

However, students are being encouraged to make the transition as soon as possible. The library is already using the new system and if students go to check out books with their old ID, it will take extra time as the student’s records will have to be accessed manually.

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Students at the University of Illinois can now use their smart phone to pay for parking at campus meters.

The new Pay By Phone system is up and running at the university’s main campus and according to the Daily Illini could see rollouts to off-campus locations in Champaign and Urbana as well.

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Beginning with the upcoming 2014-15 school year, New Caney Independent School District will be implementing a new electronic tracking system that monitor students’ attendance on buses, ensuring that they ride the correct bus and exit at the right stops.

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The 8:30 am class might have been a mistake. But to keep from falling asleep in art history John Q. Student simply pulls out his smart phone, opens an app, places an order for the espresso with an extra shot, along with a bagel and cream cheese, and picks it up on his way to class with time to spare.

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Students at Williams College are swapping their mag stripe student IDs for a new, combined mag stripe and proximity credential.

The new IDs will be used to gain access to building and study rooms on campus both during and after hours.

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A senior at Westlake High School in the Los Angeles area, has created a new solution called SwipeID, a device that enables students to accrue points by attending school events.

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