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Fairbanks borough, university, eye free bus rides

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rising gas prices plus increased on-campus parking fees are leading to different–and possibly free–options to get to school. For example, the University of Alaska is looking at a partnership with a Fairbanks borough that would provide free bus rides to any student, faculty or staff with a university ID card.

One university system spokesperson said that rising gasoline costs plus parking fees could leave some students and staff paying up to $10 a day to commute and park.

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A theft at the University of California at San Francisco may compromise the personal data of some 10,000 people associated with the institution.

The university has sent letters to those it believes have been affected after one of its campuses fell victim to computer theft. UCSF reported that unencrypted desktop computers were stolen on January 11 from the UCSF Family Medicine Center in Lakeshore, Calif.

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A student ID can verify an individual’s identity with a simple swipe, tap or scan, instantly tethering the person who presents the card to a user account on the backend system. But what happens when the cardholder no longer uses their legal name?

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Students at Burnley College in Lancashire (UK) are being offered free bus travel if they achieve 100% attendance in classes, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

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The University of Maryland has been the subject of a massive data breach, leaving the personal accounts of students, faculty and staff vulnerable.

University officials anticipate that the data breach includes information on anyone who was issued a campus ID for university’s College Park and Shady Grove campuses since 1998 – an estimated 309,079 students, faculty and staff accounts.

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The University of New Brunswick is adding a unique feature to its campus ID by harkening back the oldest payment method around, cash.

The new university identification cards double as cash cards that can be used at selected businesses on campus. The new IDs have seemingly been a big hit, as an estimated 1,100 students have already made the switch to the new credential.

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When Plymouth State University began to issue new student and faculty IDs last June, it began cycling out the university’s older, less secure credentials.

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