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Fairbanks borough, university, eye free bus rides

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rising gas prices plus increased on-campus parking fees are leading to different–and possibly free–options to get to school. For example, the University of Alaska is looking at a partnership with a Fairbanks borough that would provide free bus rides to any student, faculty or staff with a university ID card.

One university system spokesperson said that rising gasoline costs plus parking fees could leave some students and staff paying up to $10 a day to commute and park.

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Need a ride but don’t want to peddle your way across campus? Why not rent a car?

That’s the question posed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where by the start of the fall semester, anyone with a valid UW-Madison ID will be able to check out an electric vehicle to drive around campus.

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Florida International University will now be offering PayByPhone, a product of The PayPoint Group, to students as a means to accept cashless parking payments at the university’s campus parking lots.

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Administrators at the University of Georgia have decided to institute PIN entry for physical access to buildings on its Athens campus, replacing an existing hand geometry system that has long been heralded as one of the pioneering implementations of biometrics on campus.

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University of Queensland students who use public transit to get to campus can be fined $227 if they fail to present the new Tertiary Transport Concession Card, their university ID and their Go Card while using public transport.

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In Georgia, Chattooga County School officials are planning to use new student ID cards to help track students as they board and depart school buses.

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