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Evolis unveils its next-generation printer for rewriteable cards

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

French printer manufacturer Evolis has released a machine designed specifically for rewriteable cards. The company’s Tattoo Rewrite printer can erase and print the same card 500 times.

Beaucouzé, France– Evolis, a European leader in plastic card personalization solutions, announced the availability of the Tattoo Rewrite, an advanced monochrome printer that can erase and print the same card up to 500 times.

The new Tattoo Rewrite has been designed to print on rewriteable cards. These cards contain a thermo-sensitive material that becomes visible or vanishes depending on the applied temperature. The same card can thus be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

The Tattoo Rewrite fits a wide array of market applications: visitor management, customer loyalty schemes, transportation tickets, student ID cards, event management and many more.

The standard 300 dpi resolution and larger printing area (48 x 80 mm) provide users with unrivaled freedom in designing badges and cards, as graphical elements, images, texts and bar codes can be easily be printed.

Moreover, the erase/print cycle of 8 seconds is ideal for instant update and printing of shopping loyalty cards or visitor badges, at any point of sale or company reception desk.

The absence of a ribbon and the ability to re-use the cards up to 500 times makes Tattoo Rewrite a cost effective printing solution.

Technical specifications

  • The Tattoo Rewrite comes in three versions: Basic, Mag (with magnetic coder) and Contactless (with contactless card encoder).
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for any location: office, reception desks, point of sales, etc.
  • Evolis offers two types of rewriteable cards: PVC cards (0.76 mm) that are printable in blue as well as PET cards (0.25 mm) that are printable in black.
  • The Tattoo Rewrite is shipped with printer drivers for Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

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