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New VisitorBook ID-e Visitor Management System projects completed in San Diego

Thursday, June 1, 2006

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep track of visitors to your facility, a San Diego, Calif. company may have the answer. Visitors can swipe any state issued drivers license through the reader, and their information is captured instantly in the VisitorBook ID-e Software. No additional data input is necessary. The security desk operator takes a photo and in less than 30 seconds can produce a visitor badge.

Accurate USA, a leading supplier of ID solutions, announced the completion of two new installations of CardFocus VisitorBook using the ID-e license scanning and age verification solution. The first installation is at the Caltrans Traffic management Center, and the second is for Cox Communication Customer Service Center & Call Center Facility in Kearny Mesa.

VisitorBook ID-e combines the powerful VisitorBook Visitor management software with the ID-er drivers license information reader. Visitors swipe any state issued drivers license through the reader, and their information is captured instantly in the VisitorBook ID-e Software. No additional data input is necessary; the security desk operator takes a photo and prints a Visitor Badge. Badges can be printed on any printer, from a paper ID card on a Dymo 440 direct thermal printer to PVC ID cards on most PVC Card printers. The process is completed in less than 30 seconds.

VisitorBook ID-e maintains a complete log of all visits, and the information can be printed on reports or searched by name. No more need for paper logs of visitor information that can be lost. VisitorBook ID-e may also be used for managing employee visits - maintaining employee records and issuing employee photo ID cards.

“We are very pleased to offer the VisitorBook ID-e solution that has functionality and features surpassing many other more expensive visitor management tools,” said Roy Slavin, Sales Director of

VisitorBook ID-e is a cost effective package designed for use at a single location or multi user campus environment. Network capable - an unlimited number of PCs running VisitorBook ID-eT can easily be networked over a LAN or WAN providing access to the visitor database.

The CardFocus family of products, produced by Sabadille Systems, offers a comprehensive range of photo identity and visitor management software solutions that are powerful, yet simple to learn and loaded with useful features. While providing excellent value in software, CardFocus is so flexible that it improves the issuance and management of advanced photo identity cards for virtually any size and kind of organization.

About Accurate-USA/PhotoBadge Founded 1991 in San Diego, California, Accurate-USA is a vendor of specialist ID solutions. Since 1997, the company has operated the PhotoBadge division for secure online worldwide access to their quality ID products. is now a leading B2B ID products site.

About Sabadille Systems Sabadille Systems is a leading company in the production of software products for the plastic card issuance and identity management solutions market. Originally founded to provide consultancy and business development expertise, the company quickly embarked on product development for an increasingly security-conscious world. [end] 

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia has chosen Argus Global’s iTrak incident reporting and risk management solution.

The iTrak installation at Macquarie marks the first post-secondary school in Australia to use the system, but the solution is already being used at several universities in the United States. Argus and partner iView Systems been working hard to expand iTrak’s reach into the Australian market, and has already seen installations in Massey, O’Tago, Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

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How universities are using biometrics in the dining hall

For universities nationwide, getting students through the dining hall doors and to their daily meals is a constant struggle that requires a delicate balance of student convenience and throughput.

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The university of Massachusetts has installed a new access system for campus residence halls in an effort to clamp down on everything from parties to alleged sexual assaults.

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Shuttle Computer Group and ScholarChip have partnered to create a new kiosk that can help school administrators to monitor student and staff attendance.

ScholarChip’s Safety and Operations System will now leverage Shuttle’s X50 all-in-one computer, and together with ScholarChip’s software and accessories, has created a portable, multi-purpose kiosk that captures attendance at a rate more than 40 students per minute.

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The University of Kentucky’s security management system has been recognized with an innovation award at the Secured Cities Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. The university’s system was implemented alongside Louisville’s Biagi Chance Cummins London Titzer, Inc. (BCCLT) engineering consulting firm, and has won the 2014 Security Innovation Award (SIA) by Secured Cities.

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Rutherford County Schools, Murfreesboro, Tenn., have rolled out the Raptor Visitor Management System that scans visitors’ driver license and compares it to a national database before entering school grounds, according to

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