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ColorID appoints David Stallsmith as product manager, Advanced Technology Cards

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

ColorID, which supplies ID systems to the campus card industry, has named David Stallsmith to lead its Advanced Technology Cards Initiative, a new project designed to help the company’s customers integrate such technologies as biometrics, single sign-on, server-based authentication and data encryption.

ColorID creates new focus on Advanced Technology Cards

CORNELIUS, NC– ColorID, LLC announced it has hired David Stallsmith to head up its Advanced Technology Cards initiative, including prox, iCLASS, Mifare, DESFire and contact smart cards.

ColorID is introducing an array of solutions which will enable its customers to use their ID badges to log on to their computers and networks. David will manage the integration of technologies to provide customers with a range of applications such as server-based authentication, single sign-on, biometrics and data encryption. He will also continue to advance ColorID’s significant proximity and contactless card offerings.

Gary Smith, President of ColorID stated, “There are currently a multitude of card, software and biometric products available from many different manufacturers and vendors. David will work to find the best solutions available for our customers. We are excited to have him join the ColorID team”.

David attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated with Honors from the New England Conservatory. He was also a professor at Lawrence University and has owned his own business.

ColorID is one of the world’s leading ID system suppliers to the campus card industry. ColorID’s products are used in “One Card” systems, access and control systems, computer networks, point of sales systems and loyalty systems. ColorID supplies a full line of ID products including ID stations, ID printers, system software, ID ribbons, proximity cards, pre-printed cards, blank cards, smart contact cards, logical access solutions and ID badge accessories. ColorID also offers full support and installation services on the entire product line. ColorID supports products by Fargo, Eltron, Zebra, DataCard, HID, Indala, AccessID and many other manufacturers. Contact ColorID at 704-987-2238 or toll free in Canada and the US at 888-682-6567. Visit ColorID on the web at: or email at [email protected][end] 

A definitive rundown of cardstock materials and considerations

There are a number of considerations that a campus card office must navigate when delivering a robust and functional student credential. For instance, choosing the right printer, card technology and even the proper printing method are all vital concerns, but there is another decision that must be made that precludes each of these factors.

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In-house or service bureau?

Re-issuing more than 21,000 ID cards to an entire student population poses an interesting problem, one that Lisa Powers, director of TigerOne Card Services at Clemson University, was tasked with solving.

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With universities wanting their dining halls to be social hubs for students, unlimited meal plans are growing in popularity and the need to accurately and rapidly identify students at the dining hall entrance is a vital concern.

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Examining the role of mag stripes on the modern college campus

The contemporary college campus is a bastion of new technology, serving a student population that thrives on the bleeding edge of technology. This premise holds true for campus cards as well, with the number of universities adopting advanced card technologies growing at a rapid rate.

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Whether to pre-print static areas of the institution’s cardstock or rely on desktop printers to add all the elements on the fly is an important and debatable topic. There are tangible benefits – both in terms of the cards themselves and the process of issuing them – for a university that pre-prints its cardstock. But there are also drawbacks related to flexibility and timeliness.

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Universities nationwide have been routinely phasing out metal keys for door access for quite some time now, and Texas Christian is the latest university to join the trend.

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