Campus Cards, College and University Identification and Security

New ATM has enhanced security functions

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oki Electric Industry announced it has launched ATM-BankIT, a new automated teller machine (ATM) for financial institutions with enhanced security functions, improved reliability and usability features, and can reduce operation costs. The new ATM can also quickly respond to a variety of new services based on mobile phones and contact-free IC cards, which help financial institutions utilize ATMs as a strategic sales basis. Oki plans to start sales for this ATM-BankIT in Japan from July 2005.

“We have been the industry leader in ATMs in Japan with a 40% top market share. We plan to further increase our market share by offering this ATM-BankIT as one of our main products, as well as providing total ATM services such as maintenance and operation consignment to our financial customers,” said Takashi Hattori, President of the Financial Solutions Company and Senior Vice President of Oki Electric. “We believe financial institutions can deploy new services using mobile phones and contact-free IC cards and deploy sales by responding to their needs such as linking with CRM servers using our ATM-BankIT.”

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Many financial institutions and their customers are highly concerned about security and demand for a safe and reliable ATM as the ATM environment changes. ATM-BankIT enhances its security functions by mounting light shielding filters to protect pin numbers from prying eyes and by responding to various biometric identification such as IC cards, finger veins, palm veins, iris, in which financial institutions can choose which method suits their service. The new ATM also enables a longer-period unmanned operation as the banknote capacity is increased to 14,500 notes, the largest in the industry in Japan. In addition, it has adopted a universal design, creating an ATM that is also easy to use for the physically challenged and the elderly.

Based on TxFlow, Oki’s architecture for the retail banking system, Oki plans to actively provide financial solutions that can also connect CRM servers and bank branch terminals. [end] 

The CBORD Group announced the launch of Avail, a new Software-as-a-Solution access control system.

Specifically designed for security, ease of use and cost savings, Avail offers robust security measures while reducing expense and complexity for the university. An ideal fit for small and mid-sized access control implementations, Avail is designed to simplify access management by eliminating the need for software installations or server maintenance.

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The Department of Education released an initial draft of proposed changes to the Cash Management portion of the regulation governing title IV financial aid funds. The document includes a series of provisions that would dramatically impact the ways campuses could distribute funds to recipients, so much so, that in essence it would effectively outlaw some common card-based solutions.

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CardSmith has announced the availability of its second-generation Cloud Terminal payments solution, CT2.0.

CT2.0 is a web-based application that effectively turns any PC, laptop or tablet into a full-featured payment terminal, enabling clients to process transactions anywhere with existing or bring-your-own-device hardware.

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Vendors create enhancements that can’t be accomplished with cards alone

Andrew Hudson, Contributing Editor, Avisian Publications

It’s fair to say that the college experience has changed throughout the years, a shift that permeates every aspect of student life down to the student ID card. The contemporary student uses their ID for everything from physical access to buildings to paying for everyday items like laundry or food.

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The University of New Brunswick is adding a unique feature to its campus ID by harkening back the oldest payment method around, cash.

The new university identification cards double as cash cards that can be used at selected businesses on campus. The new IDs have seemingly been a big hit, as an estimated 1,100 students have already made the switch to the new credential.

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ITC Systems announced the launch of its new netZtouch QBX 7800, an online account-based print and copy control terminal. The new terminal enables prints and copies to be tracked and can also simultaneously charge an account for the jobs.

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