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GE Interlogix Announces Next-Generation Security Management Platform

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Alliance provides single user interface for access control, intrusion detection and building management

TUALATIN, ORE. –  – GE Interlogix Commercial Group (NYSE: GE) today announced it has launched Alliance, an innovative security management platform that provides a single user interface for access control, intrusion detection and building management. Through alarm dealers with central station monitoring services, users can obtain a system with a unique smart card technology to manage their facilities more easily and economically. Monitoring can be on-site, off-site or a combination of both.

“Alliance is a significant breakthrough, using one card to manage both intrusion and access control,” said Kim Loy, Director-Systems Marketing for the Commercial Group.“The card that gets you through the door also turns off the alarm and turns on the lights. In a community hospital, authorized doctors and pharmacists can use their cards to open the drug cabinets without an alarm. If anyone else tries to open them, the alarm activates.

“The unique, combined functionality of intrusion and access control with built-in central station command is a winning combination,” added Loy. “Users, such as light industrial offices, mid-range multi-tenant commercial buildings, shopping malls and community hospitals, can now install just one system for both applications.There is only one platform to learn, manage, maintain and service.

The unique contactless smart card and tag technology features a high-level 4-byte security code and read/write encryption. With it, users can program and reprogram cards on site, creating individual authorizations for doors, areas and time zones. They can also use the smart cards and tags to control functionalities, such as managing locks. For instance, users can present a card once to disarm and unlock a door and three times to re-arm and lock the door.

Using the contactless smart cards, users can additionally administer credit accounts for cardholders, such as deducting credits when the card is used at the company cafeteria or keep a record of time and attendance data. Cards may be printed on-site using any industry standard printer and can feature a programmable magnetic stripe for legacy applications.

In retrofit applications, Alliance also works with existing card technologies, including proximity, magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and bar code cards.

Users and their dealers can help prevent false alarms by tying access control to specific areas for arming and disarming sensors. For example, authorized employees cannot cause a false alarm in a secure area because the system is disarmed when access to the area is granted. To verify an alarm, communication of the alarm can be delayed until a second alarm is activated within a specific time frame.

Installation Easy for Users and Dealers

To facilitate installation, Alliance 8100 Security Management Software contains the entire set of tools a dealer needs to provide a turnkey system for the user. Generating sales estimates and generating as-builts, printing ID badges, and remote downloading of systems for troubleshooting are all included. The graphical interface lets a dealer simply drag-and-drop hardware onto a system bus to auto-configure a system. The dealer can set permissions for Master, Installer, Administrator and Operator levels of access.

Capabilities include adding, addressing, and testing devices; generating wiring diagrams, viewing live systems through a graphical interface, operating the security and building systems; reporting histories and generating custom reports; and handling communications with up to four central monitoring stations. The software is controlled via a PC or remotely via a modem.

Alliance distributed intelligence allows panels to be placed anywhere desired so that only a single wire run to the control panel is required.

GE Interlogix Commercial Group provides security solutions for a wide range of markets, from large corporate facilities and companies to small businesses. Applications range from sophisticated multimedia access control, alarm monitoring, asset tracking, photo badging and video management to key control and entry tracking systems. [end] 

HID Global and Interlogix have teamed up to provide integrated security products for residential and commercial use.

The companies have combined Interlogix’s Security Commander system hardware with HID’s EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) software for security and visitor management. Security Commander can support up to 128 Challenger panels, over 6,000 intelligent doors and 32,000 alarm points. The integrated product can now provide visitor registration, Web-based pre-registration, tracking and reporting, badge printing, asset and package management and time and attendance functions.

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CardSmith has announced the availability of its second-generation Cloud Terminal payments solution, CT2.0.

CT2.0 is a web-based application that effectively turns any PC, laptop or tablet into a full-featured payment terminal, enabling clients to process transactions anywhere with existing or bring-your-own-device hardware.

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When officials at Georgia State University decided to revamp the campus security and surveillance systems, they found that the campus poses a few challenges.

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The CBORD Group announced the launch of Avail, a new Software-as-a-Solution access control system.

Specifically designed for security, ease of use and cost savings, Avail offers robust security measures while reducing expense and complexity for the university. An ideal fit for small and mid-sized access control implementations, Avail is designed to simplify access management by eliminating the need for software installations or server maintenance.

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Yale University has migrated its meal plan management and transaction processing to CardSmith’s cloud-based platform.

A joint effort with University Dining Services, CardSmith’s cloud platform went live at the start of the fall 2013 semester to kick off the multi-year agreement between CardSmith and the Yale. In addition to providing standard meal plan management services, CardSmith has developed projects tailored to Yale’s specific needs.

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HID Global announced that its networked access controllers and readers have been selected by the National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute (NUSRI) in China to enhance campus security and facility management.

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