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Datastrip Introduces the PCRead2D ID Card Scanner for PC-Based Verification Of Photo IDs with 2D Bar Codes

Friday, September 13, 2002

EXTON, Pa., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ – Datastrip today introduced thePCRead2D, a compact, affordably priced card scanner that enables

identification cards with two-dimensional bar codes to be decoded for identity verification on a PC. Designed for use with access control cards, national ID cards, driver’s licenses, health cards and similar documents, the reader can scan the bar code and display decoded color photographs, text and signatures on a PC monitor in under three seconds. The optional addition of biometric hardware and software permits simultaneous verification of fingerprint, iris or facial templates.

The new reader will be demonstrated at the ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) International seminar that begins today in Philadelphia. It is available for immediate shipping to VARs and system integrators.

“In today’s highly security-conscious environment, the large capacity and tamperproof nature of 2D bar codes is spurring increased interest in utilizing 2D symbologies for ID cards. That, in turn, is creating a need for 2D bar code readers capable of rapid identity verification,” said Charles Lynch Jr., Datastrip Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The PCRead2D provides an affordable solution that is small enough to be deployed next to any PC and fast enough to keep operations running smoothly.”

The PCRead2D connects to a PC via a USB interface, and its small footprint

  • roughly the size of a pocket calculator - conserves valuable real estate at the workstation. The cardholder’s identity can be positively verified via visual comparison or through the optional biometric component.

    The PCRead2D can also be used with an enrollment station where a digital camera, fingerprint scanner and enrollment software are attached to a PC. In this scenario, the reader is used to test the card’s operation after a user is enrolled.

    As an added feature, PCRead2D also gives users the ability to scan photographs up to 4” x 6” for applications such as law enforcement programs to identify missing children.

    The PCRead2D complements Datastrip’s DSVerify2D, a handheld bar code/smart card reader with an integrated fingerprint scanner. The portable DSVerify2D can decode text, photographs and fingerprints with one swipe, operating either as part of a PC-based solution or in a stand-alone configuration.

    Specifications and Pricing
    PCRead2D is a USB-powered, TWAIN-compliant, single card sheet-fed card scanner that reads any credit card-sized ID card utilizing a 2D bar code, including Datastrip’s 2D Superscript and Datastrip 2D symbologies and PDF-417. Each package includes the PCRead2D card scanner, a USB cable, a TWAIN- compliant device driver diskette, and a CD-ROM with Datastrip PC Decoder software. Add-on software is required for PDF-417 applications.

    Minimum system requirements include a 233 Mhz Pentium II, 128 MB of system memory, a 2X CD-ROM, a high-power (500 mA) USB port, and 150 MB of free disk space. End user pricing begins at under $1,000 for the base unit including PC decoder software. Discounts are available for authorized resellers.

    About Datastrip, Inc.
    Datastrip is a leading provider of 2D bar code software, hardware and biometric verification devices, including the 2D Superscript high-density bar code Software Developers Kit (SDK); the DSVerify2D integrated bar code, smart card, passport and fingerprint reader; and the PCRead2D ID card reader. Datastrip and its integration partners provide total solutions for production of ID cards, passports, national ID cards, driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, health cards, financial cards, birth certificates and other identity documents, as well as biometric verification systems. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has selected Datastrip’s symbology as a standard for use on Machine Readable Travel Documents such as passports and visas. For more information, including a list of applications that support Datastrip’s symbology, visit .

    CONTACT: Chuck Lynch of Datastrip, Inc., +1-610-594-6130, [email protected] .


To learn more about ID scanners and mobile ID scanner solutions, visit

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