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Infrasafe Provides Web-Based Visitor Management to Improve Security and Eliminate Lines

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ – Infrasafe, Inc. has contracted withBREA Property Management to provide iVisitor, a web-based visitor management

system, for the third-tallest building in North America, Chicago’s Aon Center. The iVisitor system enhances facility security and expedites guest check-in, allowing tenants to pre-enroll guests, receive real-time notifications of their arrival, and have visitor access control badges automatically printed.

iVisitor has reduced long visitor lines in the Aon Center’s lobbies by 86%, all while increasing building security. Through a standard web browser, tenants can easily register anticipated visitors, dynamically updating expected visitor information at the security station and guest reception areas. iVisitor interfaces with the Aon Center’s existing access control system, automatically printing unique barcode badges that control building access for that visitor. For increased security, system administrators can input unwanted guests, such as disgruntled ex-employees, into a “barred individuals” database to alert of potential threats to the facility. In case of an emergency or building evacuation, iVisitor’s unique architecture allows for the real-time collection of visitor information from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Curtis Hrncirik, Product Manager for Infrasafe states, “This was a major win that will further fuel our momentum within the multi-tenant market. The selection to deploy this product at the Aon Center validates its scalability and overall ease of use.”

Roxanne Osborne, General Manager for BREA Property Management at the Aon Center states, “We are passionate about delivering the level of customer service a premier building such as the Aon Center deserves. After a lengthy and complete competitive analysis, we are excited to apply Infrasafe’s new technologies to provide a more secure environment, streamline costs, and increase our overall efficiency.”

To learn more about iVisitor or Infrasafe’s suite of security services, please visit us at .

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Infrasafe is a global security design and integration firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida. With over 35 years of high-level security industry experience, Infrasafe is respected worldwide for developing proactive solutions to some of the world’s toughest security challenges. Infrasafe serves clients from both enterprise and government markets. For more information about Infrasafe, please visit . [end] 

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia has chosen Argus Global’s iTrak incident reporting and risk management solution.

The iTrak installation at Macquarie marks the first post-secondary school in Australia to use the system, but the solution is already being used at several universities in the United States. Argus and partner iView Systems been working hard to expand iTrak’s reach into the Australian market, and has already seen installations in Massey, O’Tago, Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

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Nigeria’s Osun State Government has launched smart identity card for all public school students within the province. The initiative began with the Salvation Army School, and stresses a commitment on the part of the government to use technology to improve planning, resource allocation and service delivery in the education sector.

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Rutherford County Schools, Murfreesboro, Tenn., have rolled out the Raptor Visitor Management System that scans visitors’ driver license and compares it to a national database before entering school grounds, according to

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The education authority of China has revealed plans to assign every primary and secondary student in the country with a unique ID number.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has ordered its disparate, provincial education departments to work with public security authorities to verify student IDs in their respective jurisdictions. The new initiative will begin with students that are soon to graduate from primary, junior and senior high schools.

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Shuttle Computer Group and ScholarChip have partnered to create a new kiosk that can help school administrators to monitor student and staff attendance.

ScholarChip’s Safety and Operations System will now leverage Shuttle’s X50 all-in-one computer, and together with ScholarChip’s software and accessories, has created a portable, multi-purpose kiosk that captures attendance at a rate more than 40 students per minute.

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Malta’s Kunsill Studenti Universitarji is ending use of its current smart card system for financial grant delivery and payments, opting instead to transfer grant monies directly to the students’ bank accounts.

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